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Board of Directors

Marwa Al Saad


Tameem Salman

Board Member

Husain Marzooq

Board Member

Zeyad Darwish

Board Member

Noor Sharafi

Board Member

Hesham Al Saati

Board Member

Ahmed Al Rawi

Board Member

Leading Mazad


Trust and integrity are paramount in the auction industry, which is why we emphasized the need for a more transparent, fair, and regulated market. Keeping that in mind, we have designed a seamless and comprehensive auction platform that breaks down geographical barriers and expands our market reach; making it accessible to both local and international bidders alike.

Our commitment to revolutionizing the way assets are sold and bought extends beyond broadening our horizons as we build a competitive and dynamic marketplace for a sustainable future.

At Mazad, we strive to embrace emerging tech and international best practices to enhance our platform and deliver an unparalleled auction experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, empower your decisions, and contribute to the growth of Bahrain’s economy.

Talal Al Araifi

Chief Executive Officer

Our Senior Management

Al Musallam



Human Resources Manager


IT Project



Mazad is a place where we all strive for success — together

We have a responsibility to manage and organize auctions of different types of assets. But also, we have a responsibility towards our collaborators, clients, and employees. At Mazad we strive to introduce innovative asset sale and auction mechanisms to aid the Kingdom of Bahrain’s market growth.

With an unwavering commitment to our core values of transparency, competitiveness, fairness, and sustainability, we strive towards regional growth

We partner with some of the top tier companies

and build a future that thrives on collective excellence driven by our people.

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