Mazad Launches Exquisite Natural Bahraini Pearls Auction

Manama, Bahrain – June 24th, 2024 – Mazad, a local portfolio company of Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund ‘Mumtalakat’ is thrilled to announce its expansion into the luxury goods industry by offering a curated list of exceptional natural Bahraini pearls on auction until the 14th of July  2024.

The highly anticipated auction showcases a curated selection of exceptional pearls acquired from Bahraini divers who have maintained their passion and cultural tradition of pearl diving. The Danat certified pearls will include premium pieces, inviting pearl enthusiasts and collectors from around the world to participate. The selection of pearls will feature a diverse range of shapes and sizes, including symmetrical and non-symmetrical pearls in Round, Button, Oval, and Drop shapes. The color palette on display is as equally captivating with pearls in various shades of Cream, White, Yellow, Dark, Light and Mixed Shades.

“Bahrain’s rich marine environment has been known to produce some of the worlds finest pearls to the international jewelers, and collectors for centuries making them one of the most sought out pearls worldwide.” said Talal Al Araifi, CEO of Mazad.  “Given the reputation of Bahraini pearls in the market, we expect this auction to attract seasoned buyers and contribute to the national economy through one of Bahrain’s valued natural resources.”

The auction will take place exclusively on Mazad’s online platform, allowing bidders from around the region to participate conveniently and securely. Each pearl on auction personifies unique characteristics and various weightages within the range of 0.5 carat to 12.16 carats including exceptional premium pieces such as a symmetrical 9.28-carat drop pearl. Buyers can expect to bid on unique individual pearls, pairs or mixed parcels.

“We hope to bring together a community of luxury bidders to appreciate and revel the exquisite allure and intrinsic value of Bahrain’s extraordinary natural treasures. “added Al Araifi. “As we expand into the luxury industry, we are opening our doors to a broader range of opulent offerings, including fine arts, jewelry, watches, and collectible items. This expansion allows us to cater to the discerning tastes of buyers and sellers across the region, providing them with a trusted and secure platform of unique and rare luxury goods that embody genuine craftsmanship and timeless elegance.”

The auctioned pearls have been sourced directly from Bahraini pearl divers, who operate under close government oversight to safeguard the natural environment and sustainable practices. All of the pearls have been graded and certified as genuine natural pearls by the  Bahrain Institute of Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT). This certification ensures the authenticity and quality of the pearls being offered in the auction.

For more information about the Natural Pearls Auction, please visit or contact the Mazad team at or 17778887


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